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Residential & Commercial Locksmith

Locksmith for Ajax, Bowmanville, Oshawa, Pickering, Whitby & throughout Durham Region

Locksmith Service for Durham Region

The locksmiths at Al & Gords Lock & Key provide mobile locksmith services for residential, commercial & automotive locks throughout Durham Region.

Fast response times, guaranteed pricing and we stand behind every product and service with our customer service guarantee. Qualified licensed locksmiths, working hard to ensure your customer satisfaction.

The trusted choice among homeowners and businesses when searching for the best locksmith in Bowmanville, Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering and throughout Durham Region.

Residential Locksmith Services

Complete residential locksmith services. Our qualified licensed locksmiths listen to your concerns, and provide lock & security information to make informed decisions.

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Google Guarantee

Locksmith Guarantee

The Google Guarantee badge is for businesses that pass a screening and qualification process.

Our locksmith service has passed a stringent review of our services and certifications by Google LLP. This is your guarantee of a professional certified locksmith.

Our goal is to provide the best in commercial locksmith services.  We don’t say we’re the best, but our customers do! We are the best reviewed locksmith in Durham Region.

Commercial Lock Services

Complete business and industrial locksmith services.  Our locksmiths come to your business or office for complete on-site locksmith services.

  • Emergency Lock Service

    Locked out of your office or business?  We can open your office & store doors, rectify damage and replace locks.  We offer fast lockout services.

  • Master Key Systems

    Multi-level master key systems to open the doors can be a convenient system for property managers and businesses.

  • Automatic Door Openers

    Automatic door operators allow effortless access into your business and can improve traffic flow and increase safety.

  • Commercial Safes

    Office and commercial safes, fireproof safes and depository safes. Our knowledge of safes is extensive. We can open and repair safes, and change lock combinations.

  • Commercial Locks

    We provide installation, repair, or replacement of commercial locks including keyless and fingerprint locks, using the finest products on the market.

  • Rekeying Locks

    Rekeying locks removes keys from circulation, the pins & wafers are changed, new keys made replacing any old keys.

  • Consulting Services

    Not sure what the best lock solution is? We offer lock consultations, providing the latest in lock systems for business.

  • Access Control

    Control who and when access is granted, key fobs and keypads to secure your business.

Whatever your commercial locksmith services needs, we can supply and help you.

Locksmith Guarantee

Google Guarantee

The Google Guarantee badge is for locksmiths that pass a screening and qualification process.

Our locksmith service has passed a stringent review of our services and certifications by Google LLP.

This is your guarantee of a professional certified locksmith.

Our goal is to provide the best in locksmith services.  We don’t say we’re the best, but our customers do! We are the best reviewed locksmith in Durham Region.

Automotive Locksmith Service

Vehicle lockouts, new keys cut and vehicle key fobs made.  We’re your complete automotive locksmiths.

Car Key Lockouts | Automotive Locksmith

Being locked out of your car happens to everyone.  Things like extreme weather, hectic lives and carting kids around can leave us all a little less focused.

Our mobile locksmith service comes to you for:

Our locksmiths are on the road and to come to your location.

Locksmith Services

Emergency Mobile Services

Emergency mobile locksmith services since 1997.

Emergency lockout situation for home, business, cottage or anything else, call and we will be there to help. We work with most makes of locks, we can open, change, or even make new keys..

Emergency Mobile Services
Al & Gord's Mobile Lock & Key

Commercial & Residential Lockouts

Locked out of home or business? Qualified licensed locksmiths unlock car doors, quickly & safely.  Locking your keys inside the car is a horrible feeling. You’re stuck in a parking lot somewhere, too far to walk home, and that feeling of helplessness begins to set in.

Key Making & Duplication

Keys made and duplicated? On-site key making and duplication services. Mobile locksmith comes to your home or business, making as many keys as you need. Fast and accurate, and you can trust that we’ll do it right the first time.

Mobile Locksmith Making Keys
Locksmith Changing Locks

Lock Changes & Installations

Changing locks in your home or business. Rental properties, damaged doors and locks, or you’d like more security.  Locks changed, key systems, deadbolts, whatever the reason, our qualified licensed locksmiths can help you decide what’s best.

Rekeying Locks

Rekey your locks and cut new keys existing locks without the originals, you don’t have to spend money on new locks.  Rekey locks if you’re worried that the wrong people have copies of your keys or if you’ve lost the original keys. Instead of changing all of the locks, a locksmith can change internal pins or wafers inside the locks and create new keys.

Locksmith Rekeying Locks
Locksmith Changing Locks

Master Key Systems

We work with key systems all the time, we can cut keys, quickly and professionally, having you back to dealing with the essential things in your life. Key systems are a group of locks that work with one or two keys. Most locks will only work with one specific key, but you can see how this would be cumbersome if you have many locks to manage, and carrying just one or two keys for ALL of your locks is a more practical solution.

Deadbolt Lock Installations

Safety is always of paramount concern, and no lock is safer than a deadbolt. As qualified licensed locksmiths we’ll help you choose the right locks and install them. If you find yourself in a situation involving your deadbolt locks, call us immediately, and we will be there to help. We have worked with nearly all makes of deadbolts, we can either open, install, or make new keys.

Al & Gord's Mobile Lock & Key
Locksmith | home and Business Safes

Residential & Commercial Safes

Our residential and commercial safes can all hold valuables, whether they are in the form of assets or documents. Keep everything together and safe from vandals, burglars, damage, and fire by having a safe installed. Insurance companies also like them, and your rates maybe reduced as well.

We Pick Locks – Not Your Wallet!

Qualified licensed locksmith services since 1997. Our locksmiths are insured and bonded with years of experience.

Emergency lockout service, installation of locks, or keys cut. Trusted locksmith service in Durham Region for over 20 years.

Pickering & Ajax
Whitby & Oshawa

Certified Locksmith, Bonded & Insured


Our family company of qualified licensed locksmiths has been providing local locksmith services for Durham Region since 1997. We provide affordable locksmith rates and top-notch service.

We pride ourselves as being experienced locksmiths, insured with security certificates.

We value our reputation and high level of customer satisfaction.  Let us be your locksmith today!

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