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Gord Claxton

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While taking courses for a career in the fire department, Gord also had an interest in locksmithing.

Subsequently Gord found he enjoyed the mechanical aspects of locksmithing and the opportunity to work in the community with his own business.  Over last 24 years Gord has taken numerous locksmith courses and training, and considers himself one of Durham Regions top locksmiths.

When not helping his customers with lock issues, Gord can be found playing the drums in Durham Region bars, in a top 40’s rock cover band.

Al & Gord’s Lock & Key is a family business with Gord’s son Ryan now taking a full time position in the company.

Ryan Claxton


Originally an HVAC technician (Heating & Air Conditioning), Ryan found that 12-16 hour days lugging heavy equipment wasn’t for him.

When the locksmith business grew, father Gord asked for Ryan’s help.  Ryan’s interest in technical mechanics and working with the public made the business seem a perfect fit.

Ryan has worked as a locksmith for the last 5 years under the training and mentorship of his father.

When not working Ryan plays music professionally, subbing in for bands of all genres, touring Canada and the US, recording and releasing albums, and started teaching drum lessons as well under his business “Claxton Drums”.


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