Do you have or need a master key system in your home or business?

What exactly are "master key systems"?

Master key systems are basically a group of locks that work with one or two keys. Most locks will only work with one specific key, but you can see how this would be cumbersome if you have a ton of locks to manage and carrying just one or two keys for ALL of your locks is a much more practical option.

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“Rekeying” is when we change the internal pins or wafers within the locks so that you don’t have to buy new locks altogether. You just get a new key and the older keys will no longer work with those locks. This is a good option not only when you’ve lost your only set of keys, but when others may have copies and you’d rather they no longer have access.

We can either install a master key system for you or create new keys for your existing system, depending on what you need and how secure your system currently is. Give us a call and we’ll gladly come out to visit.

We are an emergency, full-service & mobile locksmith company!

If you find yourself in a situation where you lost your master key(s), call us immediately. We have worked with nearly all types of locks and we can make new keys for you on the spot, right at your home or business.

As an mobile locksmith, we can (and will) be at your door and ready to complete the work as quick as we can from the time of your call. You’ll enjoy the convenience of having the work taken care of right there in your own home or business. Simple!

Call for a risk-free, no obligation quote!

Call us for a chat about your needs and we can come up with a price for you. We stand behind our quotes and will give them to you in writing if you wish as well.

Al & Gord's Mobile Lock & Key


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Types of Payment

We gladly accept the following forms of payment: Visa™, MasterCard™, Interac™ & Cash

Al & Gord's Mobile Lock & Key

Al & Gord's Mobile Lock & Key

Al & Gord's Mobile Lock & Key


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