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Residential & Commercial Safe Installation

Protect your vaulables from theft, fire and damage!

Do you really need a safe for your home or business?

We all have valuables, whether they are in the form of assests (like money or jewellery), or important papers (like personal wills and business information). Keeping everything together in one place and safe from vandals, burglars, damage and fire are just a few reasons to consider having a safe installed. Insurance companies also like them and your rates can be reduced if you have one as well.

If for no other reason, at least you'll know where everything is and misplacing things will be a thing of the past.

Safes for home and business.

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As a mobile locksmith, we can (and will) be at your door and ready to complete the work as quick as we can from the time of your call. You'll enjoy the convenience of having the work taken care of right there in your own home or business. Simple!

Call for a risk-free, no obligation quote on having your safe installed!

Call us for a chat about your needs and we can come up with a price for you. We stand behind our quotes and will give them to you in writing if you wish as well.

Our safe installation services are available in the following areas of Durham Region:

Residential & commercial safes.

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